2011 Nomination Process

please note this call is now closed

Nomination process

Nominations are invited for innovative contributions in the area of teaching and learning, in keeping with the following guidelines:

  • Nominations must be for an innovative idea, which must have been implemented.
    the submission for the nomination must be no more than a 5-minute capture of the essence of the innovative idea.
  • The nomination can be made in any format, however we encourage you to be creative in the nature of your submission, in how you capture the innovative idea, e.g., your nomination could be in the form of a poem, a sculpture, cartoon, video, etc.
  • If in digital format, suggested submssion formats are Camtasia/Articulate/Flash etc, Video and PowerPoint, or html.
  • You can nominate your own work or someone else’s but, if short-listed, the originator/instigator of the idea must be the presenter/one of the presenters to the final judging panel.
  • Your submission will be expected to illustrate/provide examples of how the idea was implemented in teaching and learning, how it was brought to life, and how it impacted learners.
  • A brief abstract of the submission, of approximately 150 words, must accompany the submission. The name of the nominee(s) and the context for their learning innovation idea i.e., college, home, work, etc as well as the name and contact details of the nominator should be included and submitted with the nomination.
  • Nominations must be for a specific work/project/idea, rather than for an individual person.

Evaluation process

    • On receipt of nominations, all nominations will be reviewed by a short-listing committee, and a short-list of candidates will be selected to be advanced to the final judging panel
      • What was the innovative idea and how was it innovative? (10 points/50%)
      • What was the rationale for the idea? (5 points/25%)
      • The creativity and quality of the submission (5 points/25%)
    • Marks will be awarded under these headings for submissions:
    • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to meet with a final judging panel.
    • At this event, they will initially be given an opportunity to informally meet each member of the final judging panel, and to describe their nomination to members of the panel.
    • This informal session will be followed by a 20 minute Q and A session with the review panel. On completion of the Q and A sessions, the judging panel will make their decision on the award.
    • The 150-word briefing abstract for each short-listed nomination will be made available to all short-listed candidates prior to the final judging panel event.

How to submit:

Email jenniferburkeaward@gmail.com with your nomination as an attachment, along with your briefing abstract, or with a link to your submission on the web.


  • Nominations to be submitted by 16th February 2011
  • Shortlisted applicants to be notified by week of 15th Mar 2011

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